Nuevo server lineage 2 silverwolf!! (29/9/2011)

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Nuevo server lineage 2 silverwolf!! (29/9/2011)

Mensaje  l2silverwolf el Vie Sep 30, 2011 7:11 am

Server lineage II Silver Wolf


Xp: x30
Sp: x30
Party XP/SP: x1.5
Adena: x50
Drop: x20
Spoil: x20
Quest reward: x5
Weight Limit: x30
Max SubClass: 3

Enchant Rates:

Normal enchant: 58%
Blessed Enchant: 65%
Safe Enchant: +3 / full body +4
Max enchant: +16

Server features:

Don't need to be winner to enter in catacombs/necropolis invalidation period.
Registration From Website Only.
.repair voice command(repair your character/account)
Olympiad heros every 2 weeks
Fully working Geodata and Pathnodes
Auto tvt once every 4hours(Reward 1kk AA & 1kk more for Top killer)
Auto learn skills
Buff duration: 2hours
Npc buffer: Full buff(prophet,songs,dances,etc)
Maximum number of buff: 24 + 4 Divine inspiration
Maximum number of debuffs: 6
Divine Inspiration: Autolearn
Gm shop till B grade(with materials in shop)
Sub class:FREE
1, 2 & 3 class: FREE
Balanced Classes
Class manager
C5 & C6 skill: 100% working
Items Skill (augment): balanced
Gk Global
Advanced server protection
PvP Name color system
Offline trading System
Mana potion: on(restore 200mp)
Inventory slots: 150
Champion mobs enabled
No Custom Items



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